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5 European companies that are (really) advancing AI

One of the tech world’s ‘hardest to define’ areas but one with the highest level of investment. There is certainly a lot of players in the market right now (see image below on Enterprise AI by Topbots)

Enterprise AI Companies (TOPBOTS)

Whether it be super advanced personalisation, on the fly, that gets me just the right product recommendation at precisely the right time or being used to automate transportation to optimise traffic flow or even being used to construct a new cure for horrific diseases like cancer and alzheimers there is for sure a wide range of possibilities with AI.

Alternatively ‘the machine’ may grow smart enough to realise that the single greatest threat to our planet and thus it’s own survival is the human race. What with our propensity to abuse, waste and ultimately destroy the good stuff we discover…

Ultimately, it’s probably going to be a mix of all of the above, over time and with highs and lows in the journey. Like every genuine game changer in the technology ecosystem there will be winners and losers – but it will move us along the road a bit further and open up a whole range of other possibilities that we can’t even dream of right now.

An interesting read on who is doing AI well today…